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The Mommy Brain
How Motherhood Makes Us Smarter

Generations of mothers have been told—and believed—that having a baby means checking their own brains at the delivery room door.

“The Mommy Brain” usually refers to a head full of feeding times, soccer schedules, and nursery rhymes, at the expense of creative or challenging ideas. But recent scientific research paints a dramatically different and far rosier picture.

Filled with lively (and often hilarious) stories of multitasking moms at home and on the job, The Mommy Brain by journalist Katherine Ellison encourages all of us to cast aside conventional thinking and discover the positive ways in which having children changes mothers’ brains for the better. More

“Ellison has done her homework, citing legitimate social and neurological research to back up her conclusions—a procedure sadly lacking in too many books about parenting.”
—Library Journal
“Ellison’s often humorous and always thorough approach … will amuse and intrigue smart mothers everywhere.”
—Publishers Weekly
“A well-documented resource book for women’s studies. The Mommy Brain would also make a great gift for a sleep-deprived new mother who feels like she can’t think anymore!”
“Mothers with small children often complain that their brains have turned to Jell-O, that all that lost sleep and baby talk has cost them their intellectual edge. But new researchers found that having children my actually make you smarter.”
—ABC World News Tonight